Animation Showreel 2022

Here is an edit of some of my favourite work in 2D and VR animation.

Project discription with timestaps below.

Music: Vincenzo by Maiga

Project description

00:00 IDODO (2020) 
animated 2D short filmDirector: Ursula Ulmi (Ulmifilm) I did rough and clean 2D animation (not colouring though) (TV Paint), Luzern (CH)
00:05 Bongoroots (2011)
animated 2D advert
Client: „Bongoroots“, a local African Restaurant in Tübingen. 
I did everything (Animated in Flash, Comp & Motion Graphics in After Effects), Tübingen (GER) https://vimeo.com/32098788

00:09 Löwenzahn „Spatzen“ (2017)
2D animated clip for the German Kids-TV-series „Löwenzahn“. I did 2D animation (Toon Boom Harmony).
Client: Macaia Studio/ ZDF
Director: Filippo Letizi, Berlin (GER) https://www.zdf.de/kinder/loewenzahn/trickfilm-spatzen-100.html

00:12 The Amazing World of Gumball (2013-2016)
2D animated TV-Series. I did 2D rough/key animation (Flash). Clean-up by Studio Soi. 
Client: Great Marlborough Productions / Cartoon Network Europe, London (UK) https://vimeo.com/204418880

00:31 AOK Zuckerkompass (2021) 
animated advert made by Bitteschön TV (Berlin)
I did rough and some clean animation (Toon Boom Harmony)
Director: Filippo Letizi, Berlin (GER)

00:39 Hello Jemima (2018)
partly 2D animated music video for New York based musician Benjamin Scheuer.
I did 2D animation (TV Paint, Photoshop). 
Director: Peter Baynton (Radish Pictures), London (UK)

00:44 same as 00:09 (but 2019)

00:47 Metronom „Take the Exit“ (2018)
2D animated hiring campaign. I did 2D rough/key animation (Toon Boom Harmony). 
Clean-Up by Bitteschön Tv. Client: Bitteschön Tv/ Metro
Director: Alexander Gellner, Berlin (GER) https://www.metronom.com/taketheexit

00:50 same as 00:05

00:55 same as 00:39

01:00 Das Pubertier (2017)
2D animated intro for the German live-action TV-series „Das Pubertier“ (ZDF). I did 2D rough animation (TV Paint, Flash). Clean-up by Bitteschön Tv. Client: Bitteschön Tv/ ZDF, Director: Alexander Gellner, Berlin (GER) https://vimeo.com/231084785 / https://vimeo.com/234299876
01:05 same as 00:12

01:14 Utille (2019) 
animation test of a scene from a personal comic project. I did everything: 2D animation (TV Paint & Clip Studio Paint), Compositing (After Effects), 3D environment and camera (Blender)
01:19 same as 00:00

01:24 Cigarette Butts (2017)
2D animated style test for a personal project. I did everything (2D animation in Flash, Backgrounds in Photoshop, Comp in After Effects)
01:27 Quill VR animations (2019)
various personal 3D animation pojects and fanart pieces, modelled and animated in VR with an Oculus Rift S headset and Quill

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