Metro - Take the Exit (2018)

2D animated marketing campaign, 
8 x ~15 seconds
My role: freelance 2D Animator
Director: Alexander Gellner (Bitteschön TV)

This animated marketing campaign for the client Metro was produced at Berlin based studio Bitteschön TV and I joined the team as a freelancer to do some rough animation and tiedowns. 

On this spot (”co-working”) I did the rough animation in TV Paint. I animated 4 spots in total, and did all of the animation (rough, clean & colouring) on the other ones in Toon Boom Harmony (see below).

© Metro / Bitteschön TV

The finished “Co-working” spot. Clean-Up was done in Harmony by Fabrizio Rebagliati. 

Another spot: “Unicorns”. I did all of the animation (rough, clean & colouring) in Harmony on this one. 

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