The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe (2021)

Animated TV-series (Hanna Barbera Studios Europe), 40 x 11 min
My role: freelance Storyboard Artist
Creators: Eva Lee Wallberg & Christian Bøving-Andersen (Sun Creature)

In 2021 I joined production at Sun Creature for the second season of this animated TV-series produced at Hanna Barbera Studios Europe. I storyboarded four episodes of the series. Here is an excerpt of the episode “The Lonely Trollstress”, you can also watch the full episode in German here or in French here. Scroll down to see some of my storyboards and character explorations on various episodes.

© Hanna Barbera Studios Europe Ltd.

Here is an overview excerpt of one of four episodes that I storyboarded assisted by story supervisor Mads Juul. The episode is called “The Yucky Duckling” and it first aired on Cartoon Network and HBO Max on August 26th 2023. The episode was particularly fun to work with as it goes into depths with the main character Ivandoe’s background. 

Before storyboarding episodes I started out doing character explorations to assist the story artists that were already working on the show. Scroll further down to see some of my explorations.

And here is an excerpt of the final episode, including the sequence from the above storyboard.

Some exploration sketches for Ivandoe & Bert. These ones weren’t done for a specific episode, but more for me to get comfortable with the main characters.

A set of explorations for the character Jezabel.

Some preboard explorations for the episode “The Fopdoodles”. 

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