“OK.” (2023)

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Short comic, 20 pages, sci-fi/cyberpunk
Personal project
Publisher: Koguchi Press (UK) / Self-published (Riso version)

This is a short comic that I created as part of the comic anthology “Koguchi Mag Vol.2: Neo Future” by British indie comic publisher Koguchi-Press. The project has been successfully funded with a Kickstarter campaign in 2022. In the Koguchi-version this comic is printed in black/white in a 18,5x26cm format and halftone patterns (scroll down to see it). To the right is a smaller sized self-published Riso version that was printed by Drucken 3000 in Berlin in September 2023. 

The story is about a middle-aged office worker Jeff and his companion Luni, a holographic AI character who is esentially managing 100% of Jeff’s life, having the ability to read his thoughts and forsee his actions, monitoring his physical and mental well-being and so on. At some point Jeff hits a major crisis and Luni encourages him to go on a trip to space on his own. 

Since the character Luni is an AI, I used Chat-GPT to write some of her dialogues. It was the first time that I’ve used AI in my workflow, and I ended up using it for structuring the story and spotting weaknesses in the script. I did not use it to write the story for me and none of the visuals were AI generated either! I gave the AI a very long and detailed prompt of what has to be said and how, and the AI made some suggestions. Most the times I had to further edit these, but some of it was good to use. Since I’m not a native English-speaker and Luni has a very particular childlike and quirky way of speaking, it was very helpful for me. Scroll down to see excerpts of pages and see some of my working process using Chat-GPT and Miro to structure and improve the story. 

See the documentation of this project in my instagram stories.

Some random panels from the riso printed version.

Here are a few sample pages from the Koguchi Mag version.

Some examples of how I implemented Miro and Chat-GPT in my workflow. The story and characters were established before I started using AI. I used Chat-GPT to structure the story I had and spot weaknesses, then addressed each point the AI was raising, revealing part of the backstory I had in mind or coming up with new ideas to fix inconsistencies. Using an online board tool called Miro, I kept track of the process. I also used it to organise the project into a timeline and it was very useful for research as well. I didn’t let AI write the story, however, I let AI come up with a style for Luni’s dialogue.

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