Löwenzahn - Hirsche (2019)

Animated 2D short clips for a German Kids TV-series (ZDF), 90 sec
My role: freelance 2D Animator
Director: Filippo Letizi (Macaia Studio)

This animated short clip made in Toon Boom Harmony was made for the popular German kids TV-series “Löwenzahn” (ZDF). It’s a live-action show with occasional inserts of animated clips. I was particularly honoured to work on a show that I grew up watching and enjoying as a kid myself. Together with Filippo Letizi at Macaia Studio I worked on four different episodes. On this one, which is about deer, I did most of the character animation including clean-up.

You can watch the whole episode here (if you’re located in Germany).

©2019 ZDF

Some GIFs from four different animated clips for Löwenzahn episodes about sparrows, poaching, falcons and deer.

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