Keltenmuseum (2023)

Animated 2D and 3D short clips for Keltenmuseum Hochdorf
My role: animation, directing, design
Director: Harald Weiß (Konnotat)

These are animated sequences from a 30-minute documentary for Keltenmuseum Hochdorf. I worked together with documentary director Harald Weiß and Bitteschön TV provided animated 3D maps and motion graphics. All of the works displayed here were done by myself entirely, I was only given the narration text. I came up with different styles in 2D (Animate/After Effects) and 3D (Quill/After Effects). The film is now publicly viewable in a new building at the museum as part of the permanent exhibition.

This scene here is about how the people from the celtic settlement buried their chieftain (whose grave is the core of the museum) and how they speculate he may resurrect from the dead.

©2023 Keltenmuseum Hochdorf (Enz)

This scene shows how the celtic settlement at Hochdorf was abandoned over the years, and what may have been some of the causes that lead to the abandonment.
These scenes speculate about the function and the look of the chieftain and the burial objects.

These are some 2D animated bubbles I made in Animate to illustrate how the celts exchanged goods and culture with the greeks and the methods they used to transport the goods over the alps.

These bubbles pop up over a 3D animated map (animated by Bitteschön TV).

Some more 2D bubbles to illustrate how celts produced metal and salt.

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