Ultimate Weapon pt.1
Ultimate Weapon - pt.2
Perfect Friend - pt.1
Perfect Friend - pt.2
Incredible Ant (2019)

Animated TV-series (Alibaba Pictures), 26 x 11 min
My role: freelance Storyboard Artist
Creator: Cheng Li
Directors: Ben Marsaud, Luke Allen (Wildseed Studios)

more about the project

I was asked to join production at Wildseed Studios on this series because of my previous experience with “The Amazing World of Gumball”, as the style was similar and several former Gumball artists were already on the team of this series commissioned by Chinese company Alibaba Pictures and produced at Wildseed Studios in Bristol and Atomic Cartoons in Canada. 

I had a lot of fun storyboarding two full episodes including the season finale “Ultimate Weapon” that was packed with action and suspense. I also timed out and edited my storyboard into animatics and was happy to see that most of my timing had been sticked to in the final version.

© Alibaba Pictures

An excerpt of my storyboard for the episode “Ultimate Weapon”.

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